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Jelly Beads begin their cycle as tiny beads, that when soaked in water for over 6 hours, transform and grow into balls of fun! Our beads can be used in a multitude of ways, including; sensory play, vases with flowers, centrepieces, DIY air fresheners and more. Your imagination really is the limit!

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Vase of Jelly Beads for Centrepieces

Did you know?

A plant that has been potted with Jelly Beads can grow up to three times the weight of a plant that was potted without. This finding is based on a watering pattern of over 3 weeks and then a pattern of depriving the plant of water for a further 2 weeks.

Create Decorative Vases

Placed in a vase with flowers, Jelly Beads creative a wonderful and useful addition to any centrepiece or decoration. Not only do they hide the stems, but you can match them to your colour scheme.

Sensory Play

Jelly Beads are very satisfying to touch and explore. This is what makes them perfect for sensory play and extremely popular among schools and those individuals with special educational needs.

DIY Air Freshener

Once the Jelly Beads have been grown, mix them with some essential oil to create your very own decorative air freshener with your favourite scent.

Keep Plants Hydrated

By mixing Jelly Beads with soil and potting them with a plant, they will help to provide a controlled water supply during a dry spell.

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13 Available Colours Waiting for Water

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